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From Shelter Dog To King

On Feb. 16, 2019 I adopted an abused dog from The Animal Foundation, a shelter in Las Vegas. He looked like a tall bulldog, so we figured he was a mix of some kind. 1.5 years later, I found his adoption paperwork in a file and found his microchip number. I wanted to make sure it was up to date, but noticed when I looked it up online that it was registered with 2 different companies. One was my registration when I adopted him, and the other was earlier (perhaps when he was born.) I never knew this existed, so I called the company. After supplying them with the adoption paperwork, I asked if they might know his real birthday. Turns out they knew his entire lineage, and had baby pictures of him as well as medical records. It turns out he is a "Victorian Bulldog" registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club and has a traceable lineage through them. His father was an English Bulldog and his mother was an Olde English Bulldogge. As I went down his ancestors on his father's side on (and also received some awesome pictures and information on his ancestors from the breeders involved in his lineage,) I found some interesting things. First off, on his father's side he is able to be traced all the way back to Ringer and Kate, two of the first few bulldogs ever registered in the early 1800s! Even more interesting is his grandfather 17x removed, who was one of only two bulldogs ever to win the Westminster Dog Show. In 1955, he was voted the best dog on the planet!

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Raider Dog

Frankie is a Raiders fan and a Golden Knights fan. Actually, he is a fan of all sports in Las Vegas and will always root for the home team. On Raiders game days he ducks into a doghouse and emerges as "RAIDER DOG," the bad guy who will "growl as he storms the country, a villain big and bold."



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